Bon Appétit!

I have a great passion for cooking and my Naked Gourmet experience provides a wonderfully unique way to spend an intimate evening together.  If you would like to join me for an evening, please make your selections from the following menu, and let me know how you would like to see me prepare and serve your meal ~ in the nude, or an outfit of your choice.
Our evening together will take place at a private residence and dinner can be served any time between 6 and 7:30pm. You are also welcome to arrive an hour early to watch me prepare it, or we can prepare it together if this is something you would enjoy. I would love to be your personal Naked Gourmet for an evening!

~ Select One ~
Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Grigio
Merlot / Pinot Noir / Cabernet / Malbec
Heineken / Pilsner Urquell / New Castle

~ Select One ~
Filet Mignon with Horseradish-Dijon Crusted Breadcrumbs
Walnut and Rosemary Crusted Chicken Breast
Wild Salmon with Pan Asian Sauce
Apricot-Soy Glazed Pork Loin
(wrapped with Prosciutto and stuffed with apricot/Gouda)

~ Select Two ~
Caesar Salad / Spring Mix Salad / Fresh String Beans
Roasted Baby Carrots / Gruyere Mashed Potatoes / Wild Rice Pilaf

~ Select One ~
Warm Apple Pie / Chocolate Silk Pie / Pecan Pie