Welcome to the Naked Gourmet


Hello, I am your hostess, Julia!  =)

I began escorting at the end of 2010 and quickly found it to be a welcome distraction to dating because I just didn’t have the time or desire for a committed relationship in my life.  And I soon realized that I was having much more fun spending time with friends as Julia than I had with anyone I dated after my divorce.

After enjoying several lunches, dinners, and sometimes breakfast the next morning (haha), with my friends, it occurred to me that there were probably a lot of men who would also enjoy having a meal cooked for them, as well as few who would even enjoy an evening spent cooking together ...

And so The Naked Gourmet was born in July of 2012.  

Since then, The Naked Gourmet has taken on a life of its own with several wonderful experiences enjoyed and many more to come. If an evening filled with stimulating conversation, a few good laughs, a little candle light with a nice bottle of wine and some (hopefully) very tasty food sounds appealing to you, please browse through the rest of the information here and reach out to me if you have any questions or you would like to make a reservation for your own personal Naked Gourmet experience!

Bon Appetit!