Kiss the Cook

A little about your hostess...

I was the girl next door with a bit of a wild side, who became the really hot soccer mom next door. Physically, I am 5’9 in my favorite heels and extremely petite at a size 2 with exquisite 34DD’s that are displayed within a very athletic physique.

As a mom, my days start at 6am with making breakfast, getting kids up and driving them to school, going to the gym to work out, reading and writing papers for whatever class I may be taking at the time, and doing a little bit of volunteer work to give back to my community…always feeding the mind, body, and soul.

In the afternoon I am picking kids up from school, doing homework, taxiing them around to their activities, making a home-cooked dinner, getting showers, and then putting them to bed, leaving me with an hour or two to catch up on everything else, and I love it!

Because my kids do not appreciate fine dining just yet, spending an evening as your personal Naked Gourmet is a very welcome treat for me.

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